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Sometimes all you need is a quick answer to an easy question, or a solution to a simple problem. I can do that for you.

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If you are interested in arranging a workshop, multi-session class, or ongoing technology-related services for residents, students, or others, call me at 603.345.0403 to discuss your ideas.

  • Onsite Services - $75/hour; see Service Area for more details on rates.
  • Remote Access/Email/Telephone Support - $75/hour, often provided at little or no charge
  • Instruction/Facilitation/Presentation Services - Rates vary; call for quote.

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RISE (Rivier Institute for Senior Education) at Rivier University

The RISE Fall 2018 semester begins September 4. The 10-week course I am facilitating is "Taking Better Photos Using Your Eyes (Photo Composition)." The class is limited to 15 students.

This class is the beginning of a two-year Photography Program for RISE students. The program will consist of four consecutive semesters, with each semester covering a major area of photography skills. Each semester builds on the previous semester's work.

In this first-semester class, you will learn the elements of a great photograph, how to look for and identify those elements in the world, and then practice taking your own great photographs. 

This first semester is about seeing the world differently, becoming and being more mindful and present in your world, and using your camera to practice capturing special moments. 

This first semester is not about camera settings or photo editing. This is about taking better photos because of how you see and experience your world.

For more information about the RISE Program at Rivier University, visit...

Digital Photography

NOTE: Click on any image to view a larger size.

Haleakala National Park - Hiking in the volcano 1



Haleakala National Park - Hiking in the volcano 2

Cambridge as seen from the Boston side of the Charles River

Edward W. Burke Court House in Boston - A study in lines


200 Clarendon Street, Boston, previously the John Hancock Tower - 2D or Not 2D?

Ogunquit Maine - Study in texture

Ogunquit Maine - Sunflowers on a cloudy day

Salt Lake City - Spiritual enlightenment to the left

Shadow - It's all in the eyes

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